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Conkret Login for very slow Internet access

All mailboxes in one place

You have several email addresses at various ISPs? No problem, with Conkret Web@Mail, you can control your entire mail traffic central. Conkret Webmailis provider-independent and works as a local mail program with POP3 and IMAP without slow collecting services.
Conkret does not offer you a free e-mail address financed by advertisements but a service for your existing addresses.
Read and organize your business emails at home or answer your private mails at your workplace!
Make use of IMAP, the modern standard for e-mail, then your in- and outbox at home and at Conkret will be identical!


Conkret Web@Mail is fully compatible with almost all ISPs: AOL, Arcor, 1und1, Compuserve, ePlus, Freenet, Ginko, GMX, Google Mail, Hotmail Plus, Strato.T-Online, Versatel, Vodafone,, Yahoo ...
But most other vendors are supported directly by Conkret.

Device independent

Conkret Web@Mail works device independent and supports all modern browsers and modern smartphones!
Use all the features of your mailboxes mobile and independent from the manufacturer.
As a modern cloud-computing application conkret Webmail works even with very large mail quickly and resource gently on your mobile device.
With an integrated document viewer, you have also on the road access to the popular Office formats, music and videos - regardless of the device.

integrated document viewer - view your documents online

An integrated document viewer and converter directly displays the attachments of your emails.
You need no external software to look at your Office files, images, music or videos. So you always have immediate access to the attachments of your mails.
With the possibility of converting your documents to PDF or RTF (text documents), MP3 (music) or MPEG (video), you remain flexible at all times.


No Advertising

Conkret Web@Mail is and will remain free of advertising and therefore very clear. Only in our free service there are tips concerning our own interests.
Furthermore the total lack of advertising is an important aspect of data protection, as no data is given to third parties advertising is particularly interested in user profiles.


no installation

Conkret Web@Mail works without software installation on any Internet-enabled computer and smartphone.
You dont't need to install any software and with the advantage of its integrated document viewer you have direct access to the attachments of your mails. So you stay flexibel even on the move!

IMAP and POP3 compliant

Conkret supports both IMAP and POP3, so you can fully manage any mailboxes.

Message Push

Your mails are retrieved automatically every five minutes and the inbox actualized. Thus you get your new mails immediately.
Without the use of slow collection services, the management of multiple mailboxes is comfortably possible.


Conkret can be used in 28 languages.
In addition Conkret supports all languages in your mail, because all international character sets are implemented.
The internationalization of outgoing messages is done automatically by the use of Unicode (UTF-8).


Virus protection in real-time

All messages and all attachments are checked for known viruses, worms, trojans etc. Malicious code is disabled so you can read all your mailsprotected.
Incoming spam can be deleted automaticaly by a multi-stage spam filter which will take individual preferences and exemptions on a Black- and Whitelist into account.


Data protection

Conkret does not create any user profiles to use for advertising purposes. There is no automatic, half-automatic or manual filtering or evaluation of your mails for advertising purposes as is customary at other mail providers (e.g. automized at Google Mail, Hotmail or Yahoo! Mail). Conkret does not pass on any data to third parties!
For the protection of your privacy Conkret blocks data like pictures externally linked to mails.

Mail size up to 100 MB

Forget the restrictions of other Webmail providers. The maximum mail size of incoming or outgoing mails is 100MB.The number of messages and the size of your mailbox is not limited by Conkret, but depends on the restrictions of your provider.




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Mobile Mail for All !

Conkret is now available for use with smartphones and mobile handsets. Use all the features of your mailboxes mobile and independent from the manufacturer.Devices with the following operating systems are supported:

Tariff change

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